Sunday, October 30, 2016

Simple things to transform into Healthy Life Style..

Why So many cases of Hormone issues (in Ladies & Gentlemen), alarmingly Increased Breast Cancer, unwanted extreme health conditions.. Few simple things can bring in harmony in your life..
Do you want to listen, If yes.. Make a note..

1) "Plastic Water Bottles" (Consistent supply "Daily dose of Poison") - BPA Free Plastic bottles also equally dangerous.
Use : Stainless steel or Copper bottle / Clear Glass Bottle..

2) "Aluminium utensils / Non Stick Utensils" @ Kitchen (One should throw them instantly, if you really care about your kids & parents)
Use : Stainless Steel Utensils, Hardened Earthware Products.

3) "Packaged / Pre-Processed Foods"..
Use : Fresh / Home made foods as much as possible..

4) Milk from - Unethically Boosted hormones in "Buffalo"
Use : Milk from Local / Desi COW (Ethical Milk suppliers)

5) Extreme use of Chemicals in Vegetables, Rice, Pulses..
Use : Organic Food / Home grown vegetables.

6) Oil or Poison? - Be aware of Chemically Processed Oils.. 
Use : Cold Pressed Ground Nut Oil / Sesame Oil / Coconut Oil

6) Are you a couch potato??
Modest Exercise to your body - inline with your age..

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