Sunday, October 30, 2016



Over the years, we have learned just how important it can be to eat healthily not only for our bodies but for the planet too. As a result, there are now more vegetarians than ever before but it turns out that there could be a hidden bonus to sticking to a lifestyle choice like this. Thanks to a recent study, we have now found that blood taken from vegans is eight times more effective at attacking dangerous cancer cells than blood from a standard diet.
Despite advances in technology, cancer is still a huge problem worldwide and now affects more people than ever before. In fact, the amount of cases dealing with cancer is set to double by 2050. However, this recent study has injected a little hope into the industry and it suggests that we are getting closer in our ever-growing journey to dealing with the health issue that ruins lives each and every year.

Simple things to transform into Healthy Life Style..

Why So many cases of Hormone issues (in Ladies & Gentlemen), alarmingly Increased Breast Cancer, unwanted extreme health conditions.. Few simple things can bring in harmony in your life..
Do you want to listen, If yes.. Make a note..

1) "Plastic Water Bottles" (Consistent supply "Daily dose of Poison") - BPA Free Plastic bottles also equally dangerous.
Use : Stainless steel or Copper bottle / Clear Glass Bottle..

2) "Aluminium utensils / Non Stick Utensils" @ Kitchen (One should throw them instantly, if you really care about your kids & parents)
Use : Stainless Steel Utensils, Hardened Earthware Products.

3) "Packaged / Pre-Processed Foods"..
Use : Fresh / Home made foods as much as possible..

4) Milk from - Unethically Boosted hormones in "Buffalo"
Use : Milk from Local / Desi COW (Ethical Milk suppliers)

5) Extreme use of Chemicals in Vegetables, Rice, Pulses..
Use : Organic Food / Home grown vegetables.

6) Oil or Poison? - Be aware of Chemically Processed Oils.. 
Use : Cold Pressed Ground Nut Oil / Sesame Oil / Coconut Oil

6) Are you a couch potato??
Modest Exercise to your body - inline with your age..